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    Originally Posted by xk3smith
    Ummmm....... Steve has been horrible as of late. And I'm talking about when he is WIDE THE HECK OPEN and missing badly. His hustle and defense has gone up. But if I was Woody, I'd bench Novack. Can we trade him somehow??
    Trade Novak? come on! Novak was 8=12 going into last nights game so you are far off from your statment about him missing wide open shots.It seems like some on here can't wait to see him have a bad game so they can start saying bench him or trade him.If we are going that route then I say trade JR Smith b/c that guy has done NOTHING.Yeah he will score 25 pts but he will shoot 7 for 31 getting the 25.His defense is worthless and his to's are killing this team.So if we are trading novak then jr smith is right behind him.
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