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    Originally Posted by Red
    His problem is two-fold.

    1. Confidence is low due to #2

    2. He's a one-trick pony with no surprises

    Look... everything is relative. During our struggles last year after the lock-out when we were looking for leaders and Melo to acquiesce to the old system, Novak was a little-known bright spot. He had one job on a team looking to play no Defense and chuck away.

    Since teams know what to expect he's neutralized. His only hope now is to lay low until we further incorporate a drive and dish or low-post kick-out game. His limitations prevent us from drawing up screens and such for him so thats not an option.
    If the thread topic weren't so clear, I'd swear this was a post about D'Antoni in classic Red fashion. +1.
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    I have a thought.

    Blend Novak, Brewer, and Copeland into one mega-scoring, mega-defending, all around SF/PF hybrid MONSTER

    Roneveris Copewvak!!!

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    Originally Posted by Red
    Now we have a different philosophy. One where his prowess could still be useful but was only valued after defense as a matter of priority. Since he lacks the athleticism and skills to play defense, he only has his one trick left.
    This is it. Take JR for example, he misses a ton of shots (not recently) every now and then, but he also rebounds and gets steals and assists. When you contribute nothing else to the table while failing to do the only thing you're good at then it turns into a liability.

    I think Woodson should play Novak in short spurts instead of long minutes at a time. Its like a woman wearing high heel shoes to jog.
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    Quite interesting

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    Originally Posted by uber

    Quite interesting
    Oh my god !! That is so funny. What a classic.

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