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    Nyk Logo Attention All Knicks Fans

    please ignore the following media outlets/Reporters

    anything on ESPN
    Frank Isola
    Marc Berman
    Ian Begegegegely
    Skip Bayless
    Colin Cownerd
    That fat black version of George Costanza from PTI

    and anyone else who is trying to ruin the best time of my life and yours as a Knicks fan.

    Worrying about Melo and Amare meshing with Lin.

    Amare doesnt wanna play iso he doesnt wanna take the ball outta Lin's hands. He needs Lin.

    Melo doesn't need to play ISO to be succesful! Come on guys he led the club in assists at one point! the only reason he went ISO so much is because we had no one else who can shoot the ball

    Listening to people who hate every single one of us, our team, our city and only care about creating headlines and controversey

    ESPN has always hated us. You know why? Because middle America hates us and middle America is who they are selling there articles, shows, and their whole network to. They make money off of us being down and out. They sell their radio shows, tv shows, and articles because middle America likes seeing us screw up, and they want to see us crumble.

    If it was up to ESPN or any other sports writer NY would never win. Because as crazy as it sounds, NY winning isnt as marketable as OKC, Indiana, Memphis, or Denver winning.


    Jeremy Lin

    We have a great point guard that can possibly be an elite point guard that just fell into our laps. The missing piece of our championship puzzle falls out of the sky and hits us in the face. Its like we fell ass backwards into a pool filled with Hawaian Punch and supermodels.

    If you fell as backwards into a pool filled with Hawaian Punch and super models would you let some old fatty behind a desk on TV in a suit tell you "Oh well there's more girls coming in the pool and they might not like these girls" Oh yeah? Well what if they do like these girls as well fat ESPN man? What if we can all just get along and have the greatest party known to man!?!?!....yeah so just enjoy Lin I guess lol

    Were so close...

    The Last time we were this close to a championship it was the 4th quarter of game 6 of the 1994 NBA finals. We have THE best scorer in the world, we have THE best defensive center in the league, we have THE hottest point guard in the NBA THIS WEEK! CP who? NO! Jeremy Lin! (The Eastern Confrence Player of the week ), We have tons of young talent in Shumpert, Jorts, Jordan, Landry, and Toney, a 3 point SNIPER in Novak, an All Star gritty tough PF in Amare, and we have a decent coach lol. Dont Let the media ruin this for you ENJOY IT!


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    That is soo true!!

    I Fkin hate Middle America.. fkin wisconsin oklahoma colorado ... and super biased ESPN.


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    screw them , of course they are going to play great together... Melo told D'Antoni to put Lin in... therefore Melo doesnt haave to carry the team, less pressure off him with a pointguard... now everyone to their positions!!!

    Its a new beginning!!! Amare coming stronger then ever!! after his brother death , hes not takin anything for granted, hes playin with an angel right next to him... fields gettin in the paint chandler beasting,, even Jeffries improved his offense

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    I'm a fan of "The Herd" and Colin Cowherd. Basketball is not really his game.He is a football guy.

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    Do those idiots think Melo actually enjoyed bringing the ball up the court and having no one dependable/open to pass to? What Melo (and Amar'e) has sorely lacked is someone else to facilitate the offense so that they can focus on putting the ball in the basket. We're going to be winning and grinning (folks!).

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    I actually like ESPN, and Marc Berman and most of the other people you mentioned. I will not ignore them, but thanks for your words of advice. I have no problem with people criticizing or trying to analyze. But thats just me, I'm not a hypocrite

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    Conspiracy theorists are so funny. The reason ESPN makes fun of the Knicks and doubts the Knicks is because the organization has been an absolute joke for over 10 years. The fans have proven themselves to be the dumbest in the world too. And there are legitimate concerns about Melo stopping ball movement. He's been doing it his entire career and I think it's more than abundantly clear now that most Knick fans never watched Melo play in Denver and only saw the highlights on ESPN. Moving the ball, efficiency, spacing and moving without the ball are so important for this system to succeed, which are all concerns with Melo.

    Middle America honestly doesn't care about New York, at all. Especially in the NBA. The Knicks have been irrelevant for so long, they hate the Lakers and Heat much more. I moved from New York to Colorado almost 10 years ago and trust me, they don't care about New York at all. They're quite happy with the mountain lifestyle here.
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