Carmelo Anthony is having his worst shooting year ever

Jeremy Lin is turning the ball over too much

how will they help.........its simple

Melo will take over the ball here and there and run some offense, so Lin doesn't have to handle the ball as much, he's still relatively young so he still has a learning curve, Lin is getting better every game and shouldn't be over worked, he's playing 40MPG with the ball, defending a guy who always has the ball, thats a lot of activity, Melo will help him in that aspect

Lin is going to push the ball and if Melo wants it then he's going to have to run, which means Melo gets more lay ups/dunks/free throws which gives him a rhythm which then makes his jumpers more smooth so he scoring 25 points easily on 15 shots, 35 points on 20 shots, 50 points on 25 shots, more open 3's, pump fake 1 dribble pull ups and pump fake 2 dribble attacks.

This is possibly the best thing to happen for both of them, I got a feeling we'll lose the 1st game Melo plays and then the whole Melo ruined everything blab will be over blown nonetheless they both need each other in order for the Knicks to win a title