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    Default Jeremy Lin Most improved Player 2012 Award

    Lost in all the linsanity is that he looks like the run away winner of the Most Improved Player award so although he may not make the rising star game or all star weekend but i think it is a lock for most improved player,no one is even in the same contention that he is for the award.He has improved on every aspect of his game that you can think of, He went from being days away or maybe a game away from being cut to being the player of the week and leading the dirtbag knicks to a 7 game win streak and .500 record.

    He has hit a game winning shot, been the leader of our team,made our team better and has made the league very popular over the past week and a half.If the league started 7 games ago he would be the #1 MVP candidate,so i think he will win this award along with having some minor MVP considerations.

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