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    The good thing is, coach D'Antoni finnaly got players that work well in his system over the last couple of weeks.

    Obviously Jeremy LIn, who's the perfect PG for his system, Steve Novak who's a great shooter, Fields and Shumpert who are both versatile and athletic guards/forwards who can do a bit of everything, J.R. Smith who's a scorer and shooter and we might even get Baron Davis.

    For the first time since beeing our head coach he now really has a roster with players who fit into his system AND provide the neccessary quality to win.

    If it wasn't for that dismal start and no training camp, the Knicks might be playing for first seed in the east right now with that roster, it's really perfect for D'Antoni.

    If Lin can really keep it up and become the 'next Nash' or whatever and Melo finds his role we could be a very dangerous team, the team nobody wants to play against in the early rounds of the playoffs.

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    There's one major difference. We got Tyson Chandler.

    It's what those super Suns teams in the Nash-STAT era didn't have. A center who COULD run and play defense.

    Don't bring up the Shaq bullsh*t. T-Chandler is the perfect defensive athletic center that thrives in D'ants system offensively, and is just an anchor defensively.

    If Melo plays the right way, then we will be better than that Suns team.

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    Originally Posted by CoolRunnings
    haha bro I completely agree with everything you are saying. I just brought it up because Mike Fracesa talked about it for like an hour today. If you read my post I said we are a different team calling "tyson" the x-factor. I said our bench is 10 times better.
    lol my bad then but Francesca is an idiot if he said that.

    Tyson is the x factor and he HAS to stop getting in foul trouble and then getting a technical for getting in foul trouble, he is frustrating all of us and it hurts our team so much when he has these stupid fouls.
    "The Knicks are back" - Amare

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