According to fox sports the knicks may have landed the final piece to the puzzle to officially be able to go round for round with any team in the league.The rumor is that JR expected to sign with the knicks from the beginning but considered the clippers only because of close ties with CP3, but his goal from the beginning was to get to the knicks ASAP.

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So there we have it we have basically everything you could want off of a championship teams checklist.Two scorers,a pure point,a solid wing player,and a defensive presence in the middle along with jr one of the most reliable scorers off the bench in the league and with jared jeffries we have a dennis rodman type defender without the rebounding ability.Then we will soon have a legit backup PG along with a dynamic rookie who is already one of the better defenders in the league and who we can count on to give us 8 points 4 rebounds 2.5 steals and 2 assists a night.And now we wont have to rely on the streaky play of bill walker,novak and jorts to fill out our bench.WE WILL BE LEGIT CONTENDERS THIS YEAR.

So no more excuses, if this deal goes down we will be arguably the most talented team from up to down in the league and i potentially see championship this year or next year.