Carmelo Anthony: I know Im not a selfish player. People around me know Im not a selfish player, Anthony said. I do everything I can to make people around me understand Im not a selfish player.

Anthony called the idea that hes a selfish player a slap in the face.

There are some statistics to back the static that goes against Anthony.

Missed shots: (worst to best ranking) (top 10 NBA scorers only)
1. Kobe Bryant 227 missed shots (#1 in PPG)
2. Carmelo Anthony 190 missed shots (#4 in PPG)
3. Kevin Love 172 missed shots (#5 in PPG)
4. Monta Ellis 167 missed shots (#7 in PPG)
5. LaMarcus Aldridge 155 missed shots (#6 in PPG)
6. Russell Westbrook 154 missed shots (#10 in PPG)
7. Kevin Durant 152 missed shots (#3 in PPG)
8. Derrick Rose 119 missed shots (#9 in PPG)
9. LeBron James 116 missed shots (#2 in PPG)
10. Blake Griffin 108 missed shots (#8 in PPG)

Both a rested Carmelo and the addition of Jeremy Lin, I believe, will bring those numbers up, however.

We all know that Melo will get better looks with Jeremy Lin playing on this team. That's a given. But that's not what this thread is about. This thread's about what Melo needs to do personally to improve his game at both ends of the floor. If he can do these things, or any others that you consider necessary that I have missed, we will be that much closer to a contender. We haven't been as close as we are now in a long time, and Anthony MUST be the catalyst.

Carmelo Anthony Is Underachieving

When speaking specifically about what Melo needs to do to make this team better, here are some things that I believe are fueling the opinion that he can't coexist with The Jeremy Lin Knicks Team.

Offensively: Melo has to want to be the player necessary to fit the remolded Knicks: play in sync, MOVE in sync especially - he's a massive underachiever off the ball, is very lazy and tends to wait for his turn to shoot or create.

He has said that he's insulted by talk of him not being able to coexist with Lin because he's selfish or has been touted as being selfish. I don't think he's been overly selfish [on the court that is] but he's never been a good passer off the dribble bar the P&R which gives the impression that he's selfish. He's either looking to pass or looking to shoot, he has to learn to create on the move to better his game and that of others. Whether or not that concerns him seems to be the issue, IMO. As I stated in the opening paragraph, this is not about whether he can, it's about whether he's willing. I think he is, or he will be, and the talk of him not blending in will be what defines his potential turnaround.

Defensively: Defense is what has been the crux of Anthony not ever being a top 10 player. Period. He's been called top 5 and so on, but that's not the case. Not one bit.

You look at every top 10 player in the league, and Melo doesn't compare to any of them defensively.

He's shown flashes of excellent defense here in NY, but he tends to only reveal it when he deems it necessary: against the likes of LeBron James.

A consistent, dedicated and exemplifying captain's defense is the absolute least we should expect from Melo after the trade. There are no excuses. STAT, too.

He's a good rebounder, which has helped blanket his defensive shortcomings, but his man to man defense is suspect to say the least, and with a consistent effort Anthony will help the team get points off bad shots, turnovers and 24 second violations. The one thing that has really pissed me off this year with Carmelo, is that he has to defend regardless of whether or not he's upset about a non-call on the previous offensive possession. That has happened far too often, and is a deterrent and a distraction.

If this cat has the gaul to talk championships, he needs the ball sac to want to stop opponents by himself, and as a member of the team.

He's not getting any younger, and the time for him to refurbish his skill set and take both himself and this team to greater heights has to start now! This is Carmelo's time, and Carmelo's team.