It's funny how so many can watch the same game and see different things. STAT's defense was terrrrrible tonight, Please let's get that straight.

I will concede that we had more glaring issues that put us in a hole , but when you are in a 2-7 point deficit dog fight for the better part of the 4th quarter, your 20 mil dollar man cant be missing assignments, wackin at players and not take one charge or lay a hard foul on someone.
The Last 2 nights STAT has looked particularly out of it on defense. His brother's death gets him a pass from me for now..but this cat has to contribute defensively in other ways besides the occasional athletic blocked shot.
Show and RECOVER, take a CHARGE stop being caught FLAT FOOTED and getting sucked up in opposing teams simple ass 3 man weave type plays.

*****I'm getting heated and this may produce a thread later BUT******

If our boy Amare does not begin to do the little things on defense to help us win he is gonna be the villan of NY. Think about it, this team as constructed, and his increasingly noticeable loss of lift, greatly diminishes his chances to be the scorer he used to be.

We have 2 other players Lin and Melo that dominate the ball, and should. So, unless Lin and STAT click ala Steve nash days, STAT's touches are going to be less frequent. This obviously will lead to less points.... at the same pay?? HELL NO BRUH!!! You better contribute somewhere else.

With the Lin circus, the signing of J.R. smith, the pending return of MELO and the team coming off a 7 game streak that he had largely nothing to do with, we are looking at a potential shrinking violet.
The pouty big sister who was prom queen now watching the younger sis get all the glory and feelin left out.

In order to be the man around here again he HAS to stay engaged on defense and work damn hard on the boards. As in, lead the team in that category avging. double digits.
He's goin through the motions out there a bit and I do, again, think some of it has to do with his brother, in any event, he needs to be an ENERGETIC BEAST out there and add some grime to his game and let the rest fall into place.