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    Originally Posted by clumsy
    Ehh i think everyone is racist to some degree they just refuse to admit it. To the poster who said they want to know the race of the writer, i kinda agree (tho i think the possible use of the word has more has to do with socio-economic background). As an asian who grew up in a working class community and later moved to a upper income community i will say it makes all the difference. If it is was another minority or 1st/2nd generation immigrant white person (like Italian, polish, greek etc) i don't care that much cuz i bust balls with these cats a lot. For some reason if it was an old money white person i would want them fired ASAP.
    Dudes name is Anthony Frederico. Italian or Hispanic are good guesses...but I could be wrong, obviously.
    ESPN anchor, Michael Kim tweeted in his defense implying there was "no malice there."

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I think this may be his profile. Time to update that employment part.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Damn! I feel like, Sherlock HolmesBoy and **** with my google skills!
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    Originally Posted by Crazy⑧s
    My little half Japanese boy is gonna be born in just over 2 months.

    Half Japanese, half white Ozi. Jazzy: ****ing cool.

    He's already been noted by the quacks as a whopper. Big hands, thick neck, long arms and long legs. I'm pretty big myself at 6'2 + 3/4", his Mama's huge for a chink, I mean Jap, at 5'10".

    Next Landry Fields was made in my balls.
    Half asian half caucasian kids are so cute. My bro is half Chinese half white. Adorable!

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    this was already posted but what kind of message does this send.

    image courtesy amareisreal

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    The headline was pretty bad because headlines usually try to pun...Should the guy have been fired...ESPN did what they have to do, but it's unfortunate one mistake can end a career.

    I'm not as certain that Bretos should be getting grief for what he said...He used it in completely reasonable sense, the phrase is very common for sports analysis, and it's not even the first time he has used it.

    Just take a look at this video:
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    The bottom line is this that video above isn't offensive...So i think the headline was bad, but the guy not so much. Also, there is video out there of somebody using the exact same phrase to describe lin before the mistake...

    Here's a conspiracy theory: ESPN making a big deal out of this buys them another angle to talk about LIN on their radio/TV shows now that he is getting old.

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