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My critique:

Lin must perform in the face of this pressure. The media would love nothing more than to be provided with impetus to write about Lin struggles. He must take better care of the ball and reduce the turnovers.

Lin must also show more leadership ability if he's going to run the point effectively. Decision making, directing traffic, confidence, all come from keeping your head in the game and being aware. I see those lulls and that needs to be addressed. There's room for improvement.

Lin is a starter/finisher 28 minute playintime PG in his 2nd NBA season.
Knicks need a 20 minute PG to take all the pressure off of Lin.
I wouldve signed PG-Arron Brooks over SG-JR Smith in a heart beat.

Fields does not belong in an NBA starting lineup at the two. According to my rules; you can't start IF YOU CAN'T GUARD YOUR POSITION, and you definitely cannot play the "shooting guard" and cant shoot.

Fields has become a starter/finisher SG with great IQ, that could use a couple
design cutting plays on offense, and a team-defensive system where he defends
SG/SF on a switch.
Fields & Shump great offense/defense performance eats up all the 48 minutes of playingtime at the SG spot. There is no playintime room at the SG spot for TD, Walker, or JR Smith.

Walker's game is about as ugly as he is and inconsistent to boot. He at the least can play some defense, but seven games without Melo is taking its toll. Wins or not. By the way, those questioning Melo's injury must know that players DO NOT come back from injury the very day they feel better.

Walker/Jefferies are 2nd-half playintime players u bring off the bench.

If Melo is playing Monday, that would mean he was probably fairly healed Saturday. To which he must have already practiced/tried it out, rested and seen how it (his injury) reacts. That's how it works. And groins can linger just like hamstrings. It takes time and 100% is better than risking further injury.
Melo is a number 1 option halfcourt scoring weapon who needs about 6 to 8
different design team-plays written up for him each game. Melo lacks defensive-
effort making his team (Syracuse/Nuggets/Knicks) a four man defensive lineup.

STAT has basic issues that I see:
Stat biggest issue is putting the ball on the floor 20 feet from the basket.
Stat is above the rim player that should receive the ball inside 15 feet of the
basket. Stat has a problem getting back on defense.

1. Driving into traffic
2. Poor passing skills (turnovers)
3. Poor hands (if ball isn't put on him perfectly he struggles, turnovers)
4. Poor defensive skills (looking stiff)
5. Poor dribbling skills
6. Poor low post game (no back to the basket post-up move)

As a coach, I have to question why Amare hasn't learned a low post game.
In a passing system, why he hasn't become a better passer; and why are his hands so poor? And in a decision orientated system, where ball movement is paramount, he must understand how to decide quicker and pass better.

Tyson the Mad Byson is our unquestioned leader. No issues with him- except to CONTINUE to get him involved early.

RED....hope u dont mind, I just had to add on to a great game-thread response

Kidd & Carter -vs- Lin & Fields
Marion & Odom -vs- Walker & Novak
Dirk -vs- Stat (supose to be even)
Haywood -vs- Tyson Chandler
Terry -vs- Shump