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Amazing win.

The ups, the downs, the huge comeback.

Fields sits the vast majority of the second half? Did he actually play in the second half? He was our best player in the first quarter.

Anyway, amazing win! JR Smith played well, took some pretty bad shots, but he'll catch on. Hasn't even practiced with the team so judging him now is unfair.

Amar'e needs to learn to defend the pick and roll and the back cut. Some very embarrassing moments for him tonight, not that he seems too concerned.
I actually was very pleased with the decision to let J.R. finish the game. Fields played well early on, struggled later. J.R., although missed a bunch of shots, didn't miss that many, and considering that this was his first game with us and no practice, played very well, and maybe letting him roll with it starting off his Knick career with closing the game out, and good, will be a great thing.