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    Nyk Logo Can We Run The Triangle? A comparison to the 2010 Champion Lakers

    A comparison of the starting 5 + 6th man


    Fisher 7.5ppg 2.5apg 1.1spg 34%3p 38%fg
    Lin 13.5ppg 51.apg 1spg 28%3p 49%fg
    Advantage: Lin
    Although Fisher is a savvy vet and shoots the three at a higher rate, Lin leads (doubles Fisher) in two significant Pg categories: ppg & apg

    Bryant 27ppg 5apg 1.5spg 32%3p 45%fg
    Fields 10ppg 3apg 1.3spg 27%3p 47%fg
    Advantage Bryant (duh!)
    By more than doubling Fields' output in points Bryant is by far the better player. Phil Jackson has had two of the best scorers in NBA history at the Sg position within the triangle. Can New York even the comparison out with Melo? Lets see.

    Artest 11pts 3apg 1.4spg 35%3p 41%fg
    Melo 22.3ppg 4.2apg 1spg 29%3p 39%fg
    Advantage Melo
    Melo too doubles the player formerly known as Artest (MWP) scoring output. Their other stats are comparable with MWP actually shooting slightly better percentages.

    Gasol 18.3ppg 11.3rpg 3.4apg
    STAT 18.4ppg 8.2rpg 1.4apg
    Advantage Gasol
    At 53%fg and 1.7bpg, Gasol matches STAT's scoring output more efficiently, rebounds better, is a better passer and defender. Gasol who is a legit 7' was thought of as a "soft" player, what does that make Amare? It can be argued that just as D'Antoni's system may influence scoring stats, the Triangle may influence overall efficiency as well as defense.

    Bynum 15ppg 8.3rpg 1apg
    Chandler 11.7ppg 9.6rpg 1apg
    Advantage Push
    Both centers are among the best in the league although Bynum is younger, he has a recent extensive injury history. Can't complain with having two centers who are willing to get their hands dirty.

    Odom 10.8ppg 3.3apg 31%3p 46%fg
    Shumpert 10.5ppg 3.3apg 27%3p 38%fg
    Adantage Push
    Can we actually compare the young Shump Shump to 6th man of the year Odom? Odom (who has battled many injuries) is more efficient, but Shump has shown lock-down ability in his young career. Both are versitile with Odom having much more experience. I'll give Shump the hometown benefit of the doubt that he can hold his own.

    As a team, Lakers ranked 11th in PPG, 24th in 3p%, 18th in fg%
    As a team, Knicks rank 12th in ppg, 29th in 3p%, 22nd in fg%

    LAKERS Off Rtg: 108.8 (11th of 30) ▪ Def Rtg: 103.7 (4th of 30)
    KNICKS Off Rtg: 100.8 (24th of 30) ▪ Def Rtg: 99.5 (6th of 30)

    *Yes I'm aware of all the sabermetrics just as you should be aware of coach Phil Jackson's record (1155-485) versus coach D'Antoni's (385-331), and their championship titles and winning percentage. We know.

    **There are many more bench players to compare with these teams.

    Do we currently as of 19FEB12 (no trades, draft picks, or new editions) have the pieces to run the Triangle and be championship successful?

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    I would change anything right now, 6 out our last 7 isn't to bad, lets just get healthy and see what we have.

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