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You guys like to blame D'Antoni because its the easy thing to do, kinda like how people treated Marbury.
Yeah. It isn't D'Antoni's fault Lin couldn't get into the paint. Or that every time the team turned it over it was off to the races and the Heat got instant points. Melo, Lin, Chandler, and STAT all played like GARBAGE tonight. I have NO clue how Chandler was so weak on the boards considering how much taller he was then practically everyone else on the court. Melo and Amar'e got REJECTED like chumps countless times. They were in good positioning to score, but it is almost like both of them don't have any strength at all right now. Like when Amar'e stole it and ran to the basket, the ball came out of his hands while he was trying to dunk it before anyone had even fouled him like he doesn't know how to handle the ball right.. Its so weird. I don't get it. Neither of them can finish right now and it is killing us.

A lot of people will look at this and say its Lins fault but honestly it isn't. The heat targeted him all game because Amar'e and Melo were practically non factors and they could limit them by giving them minimal attention. When the offense comes through one player the heat can absolutely shut you down, they did it to Derrick Rose last year. They absolutely embarrassed him and he is the best point guard in the game right now. If Amar'e and Melo's games right now weren't so freaking weak it would have made everything easier for Lin.

We have been playing good D and we aren't chucking shots. Using the rotation well, D'Antoni has been doing fine. Sure he isn't the perfect coach, he has his issues.. but If we fired him now it isn't like we are just going to get someone who is automatically better or see any sort of improvements from it

Our real problem is that our biggest players, the ones taking up practically our entire salary cap aren't playing good basketball at all.