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    We all knew a while ago Stats soft on defense and on the boards...If hes not gonna at least be efficient on offense then I dont see any use for him. Bench him, give the minutes to Jeffries and Jorts when he returns.

    Same goes for Melo, but after missing 3 weeks ill give him a week. If hes not playing better 1st game after the all star break, ill consider him to be Stat Status...garbage

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    Originally Posted by unloopme
    I think the answer is pretty obvious.

    This Year.

    Last Year.

    We need to start a movement to get STAT to wear his old goggles and lose the gazelles!!!
    I was thinking about that. His custom ones aren't bad, but last year's goggles were more fitting of a beast.

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    I am not sure it is the weight or the knees.

    He is not "out of shape", the weight was muscle not fat.

    It may be that he just did the classic basketball-bad, worked out too much, and is stiff, lacking in flexibility and long muscle-mass. Perhaps what he needs is yoga.

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