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    Default Official Support Amar'e Stoudemire Thread

    I want to make this thread to try to get people to stop hatin' on the big dog STATue right now.

    I understand why people are all over this guy. Yes he makes 20 million a year from us, yes he sucks at defending, and yea he's had a sub-par season so far.

    However, we are not gonna trade Amarknee and here's why:

    * Uninsured contract
    * Cannot trade him to a rival
    * Won't get fair value
    * Won't get a good big in return (which we would need)

    There is no point hoping for us to trade him because it will not happen. Definitely not this season. So what's the point in pouring negativity on this guy? For better or worse we are stuck with him. I have full faith in him to return to being a dominant offensive PF. Defensively who knows, but I feel at least as long as he can put the effort in he can only get better playing alongside defensive guru's like Tyson Chandler and Jeffries.

    Stoudemire has done so many things for this franchise in such a short time. Regardless of whether he did it for the money or whatever, he brought us back to relevancy which has been the catalyst for us being in the position we are in today.

    He dragged us through most of last season and it was down to him we went to the playoffs at all. NINE in a row 30+ point performances to bring us back Jeremy Lin style from a piss poor record. He is a big part of the reason Carmelo Anthony came to NY and thus the reason Tyson Chandler came to NY.

    He's played below his standards this season but he is bringing it together bit by bit.

    His stats have been a bit off, he's averaging 18/8/1 on 45% shooting, not great by his standards.

    However the last 10 games he's up to nearly 20/9/1 with 48.5% shooting. Gradually things are on the up, as he gels with Lin more his FG% should go back to normal. PPG is quite negligible if he's putting up 20+, depending how Lin, Anthony, Smith, Chandler are scoring it's more than enough.

    There are a few things I'd love to see from STAT. One to regain that first step he had last year to get by his defender when he's in close and to get up for those blocks. Also he needs to commit to screening a lot more, not only for the PNR with Lin, but when Melo returns, STAT and Tyson can make his life 100x easier setting picks for him so he can get to his sweet spots and catch and shoot. Imagine Melo, who has to put almost no energy into offense due to solid play from Lin and his bigs. Thus having energy to play defense. Sweet sweet music!

    Healthy Productive STAT


    That is a championship calibre team no doubt with STAT being a major cog. We can't just write off one of the major pieces of the puzzle. We need to get where KingStarbury would love to be, behind this guy.
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