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Yes trade all of our players when they're at their worst.....

If we had things your way, we would have traded Fields for peanuts when he was struggling and would eventually have a team full of crap no one else wants since EVERY player struggles now and then.

Prime example? Look at Dirk. He was playing like absolute shiit early this year until he got slowly into shape. I'm hoping the same case goes with Amare. He just lost his brother and he's definitely not in game shape physically or mentally. Hopefully he can get groove back slowly.
Every player does struggle now and then, but Negative Stats has been struggling since at least a week before the Melo trade last year. Can we stop making excuses for him? Why is it that some of us Knicks fans are so in love with STat? Some of you guys are truly brainwashed. You spend countless hours debating whether or not Melo will fit in while ignoring the fact that Amare is making rookie like decisions out on the court.

As soon as you said you were "hoping" Amare's case is the same as Dirks, thats where u lost. You can hope all u want but the fact is that Dirk is a much more intelligent basketball player. I would take an out of shape Dirk over Amarknee any day. And lets not forget Amarknee was the same player before his brothers death as hes been since returning. I feel bad for Amare and his family but lets stop making excuses. I have never seen a player get a pass here in New York the way Amare has. Guys like Crawford, Marbury, Isiah, Randolph, Curry, Carmelo, Dantoni, etc. have been turned to human sacrafices by the media and New York fans. Why the **** does Amare get a pass? Somebody please tell me