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    Game Thread Knicks @ Miami: Feb 23 @ 7:00pm. ONE OF THE BIGGEST GAMES OF THIS REPLENISHED SEASON.

    Sorry, folks. This one is way early, but it gets done when it gets done. Please focus on the prior game thread VS Atlanta by Dzwonsson before posting in here.

    GT OST - Mastadon: I just bum it too much. Press play NOW!

    Defeating The Heat: Prone To Zone

    Spoelstra's new offense creates tremendous movement and is absolutely perfect for his personnel. It gets Wade, LeBron and Bosh open in their best spots and more importantly going at the rim where all three are tremendously lethal. It plays to their great baskeball IQ and allows the Heat to run wild in a spread out defense where they can beat every matchup through greatly timed cuts and wonderful movement.

    This is one of the better offensive concepts that I have seen in the past few years (second to Phil Jackson's Triangle). This "spread" offense works very well when the defense they are facing is in man, LeBron, Bosh and Wade all must be respected both inside and in the perimeter game. The zone defense allows players to remain more or less in position, their teammates can play proper help defense and contest mid-range jumpers, and collapse to defend the rim.

    Which one of you enjoys an ass filling the most?

    The zone takes away all the space created by spreading the floor and so grinds the Heat's "spread" to a halt. The ability to play this zone against Spoelstra's personnel is all predicated, as far as I have seen, on the defending team having a solid defender at the rim (I haven't personally seen the Heat play another zone without a premier shot blocker in their midst)

    Get on the boards, Amar'e!

    Miami out-rebound opponents on a nightly basis. Stoudemire's glass cleaning will be put under the microscope. Will he answer the call and outplay his opponents where the game's balance teeters?

    Offensive Key To A Win

    ● Establishing a post threat through either STAT &/or Melo
    ● Getting open looks for Novak and JR as the second unit emerges
    ● Moving off the ball by Anthony
    ● Only allowing 1 shot as seen in the Dallas game
    ● Utilise Chandler's excellent timing and catching against the Heat's smaller centers.

    Crazy⑧s Big Fat Fact

    Melo and Lin combine for a usage rate of over 60%. If Stoudemire wants touches, he's going to have to get them off the glass. poster in the spotlight


    Originally Posted by LeFlume
    I know it hurts to lose to the Nets but dude you gotta move on. Don't let this crap eat you up. We have Hawks and Heat coming up. Let's focus on that. Life's ahead of us. Not behind us...

    I've been highlighting some of the more passionate game thread enthusiasts lately, and LeFlume is amidst that esteemed group of O&B bleeders.

    LeFlume: linguistic aesthetic is high there. Is that French? If I had to guess what it meant, I'd go with DESTROYER OF HEIMEN.

    Plutonic Man L💓VE

    Between the unique pregame handshake between Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin to Fields allowing Lin to crash on his couch the night before Linsanity began almost two weeks ago against the Nets, the off-court friendship between the new Knicks backcourt is an obvious one.
    But as the two have begun to play together on the court, that relationship is starting to pay dividends on the court:

    “I think having that friendship off the court is really showing on the court,” Fields said after the Knicks won their seventh straight game Wednesday night, a 100-85 laugher at the Garden over the Sacramento Kings. “The chemistry is there, and I’m just really thankful for that.”

    With Lin playing alongside him, Fields has looked like a totally different player recently, envoking images of the player that surprised nearly everyone last season when he became the Knicks’ starting shooting guard after he was an unheralded second round pick out of Stanford.
    But the chemistry between Lin and Fields on the court is obvious. Fields was on the receiving end of two Lin lobs for easy alley-oop dunks in Wednesday’s win, and exploited Sacramento’s defense for an easy backdoor layup, as well.

    “We talk a lot out there,” Fields said. “If I see something, I’ll tell him, and vice versa.When that happens, we usually capitalize on it.”

    For all of the plaudits that Lin has received for running the pick-and-roll, D’Antoni also praised Fields’ ability to run the staple of D’Antoni’s up-tempo offense, as well.
    “The biggest surprise, and the most improved, is Landry Fields and how he runs the pick-and-roll now,” D’Antoni said. “He had five assists tonight, seven last night, something like that. Now we’ve got a couple [of] guys, and that should be easy money for Tyson [Chandler] and Amar’e [Stoudemire].”

    Fields’ improved play has earned plaudits from his teammates, as well.
    “I absolutely love what I’m seeing from Landry,” said Chandler. “Tonight he was hitting the glass, making hard cuts defensively … he’s all over the place.”

    At some point, even after the brilliance of Linsanity over the past two weeks, Lin and the Knicks will hit a rough patch. Chandler said having a friend to help you through those times in a long and often grueling NBA season — particularly this year, due to the lockout-shortened season and truncated schedule — can pay dividends.

    “I think, just the comfort, having somebody that you’re really close with, [helps],” Chandler said. “The NBA is a long season, and those times you feel down and all of that stuff, they’re good for each other.”

    The Starting


    The one man bukkake hose.


    Was raised on the blood of wolverines.

    Laundry Folds

    Can't say the word boob without blushing.

    Cunning Lingus

    It's said that in Hong Kong they sacrifice a virgin before every Knicks game. That is extreme.

    The Man Handler

    The man is just ****ing cool. There is nothing else to say.

    Crazys Knick on UAV


    The inconsistency, the flashes of brilliance, the on and off focus on either end, the lack of desire. What will we get out of this cat in this, one of the biggest games of the season?

    We need his best output against Bosh.

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