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    things the knicks need to work on during the so-called mini AS camp they have scheduled

    1) Zone defense. It helped for a while in the second and they're have been games lost where Zone defense could of helped. Also Zone defense can help teams with not so great man to man defenders.

    2) Back Court combinations to see what they have (baron & lin, Baron & JR, Lin & JR, Shump & Baron, etc)

    3) Both PG's need reps with the first and second team.

    4) Shump and JR need to practice perimeter Defense because it looks like they are the only two who have the speed to do it.

    5) they need to run Lin through some trap practices because it is becoming to easy for teams to force turnovers. even if his response is to jump into a defender and attempt to draw a foul he need to know what to do so teams no longer stymie his offense by trapping.

    This game isn't the end all of the season or even a playoff loss. It was a test and the the knicks didn't pass & came away knowing they need work. but they should have some time to work on it.

    Edit: also the heat are bullies they come in and try to intimidate teams. Look at the finals last year. they were embarassing the Mav's until Tyson Chandler stood up and said enough is enough and then the Mav's outplayed the heat in basketball because the intimidation factor was gone. alleyoop or baseline dunk it doesn't matter it just gets you 2 points.

    The Heat wen't in there and picked on Lin, because it was a 1 game sample that was more of a test with nothing really on the line I don't think the rest of the team keyed in on this and applied pressure back on the Heat players. Thats why Tyson was the key in the finals last year when it hit the fan he was the biggest bully out of everybody. Right now the knicks got the talent they just got to get their heads straight.
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