From me to you Melo you gotta work on these 3 things

1. His abs, legs and biceps, if he has stronger abs, he can explode more and thus dunk over guys while also being more fluid in the full court and on D

23 year old Melo(explosive dunker and slasher)

25 year old Melo(relaxed, more half court)

2 years difference

He's listed at 230 but I really think he's about 240 or a fat 230 not an athletic 230, he has natural strength so he doesn't need all that weight, his quickness and explosiveness has really fell off and I'm saying this as his biggest fan in the world he needs to tighten up those abs and biceps thats part of the reason he's struggling so much. Also his legs, Melo used to jump rope a lot in Denver which helped his footwork and quickness and now I never see him doing it pre-game, again I cant see his thighs so I dont know if they're strong enough but he needs to lose some of that weight also so he can get his explosiveness and quickness back- YOU BODY IS YOUR TOOL TO YOUR TRADE, WITHOUT THAT YOU CANNOT DO YOUR JOB

2. Movement without the ball, this is another area where you can improve if you work on your body, I rarely see you back cut, catch lobs or run the floor and finish with a thunderous dunk, easy buckets will get you into a rhythm and we all know if YOU get hot then there is no one who can defend you, if you can score 8-12 points a game off of back cuts, coming off screens, lobs and running the floor, get 9 more from the line thats 17-21 points easily, no to mention if you score 10-15 points off of isolation thats 27-36 every night and if you do that efficiently you can focus on rebounding and defending more meaning you'll have 27-36 points, 8-12 rebounds and hold your man to <12-15 points meaning we win games and now you can be mentioned in the top 5-10 conversation instead of the top 15-25 conversation- EASY/IN FLOW BUCKETS>>>>>FORCED/HARD BUCKETS

3. Most importantly HUNGER, Melo will either be remembered with Kobe/LeBron/Wade/Durant or McGrady/Carter/Iverson......he is the best scorer in the NBA but other that he's just average to solid in other areas, I wanna see him become a more aggressive rebounder and defender, his 4 assists a game are fine but he really needs to care about his legacy does he wanna be remembered for rings, winning and dominating or just making the playoffs and scoring 20+ every year- WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR LEGACY TO BE

I just know the type of player you can be and I'm defending you as much as I can but now its up to you to make me either look good or like a fool