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Dumbest post of the day!

WTF are you talking about??? How is Melo disrupting the spacing? Please explain that one.

He won't let go of his sweet spots??? Dude, you have no idea what you're saying. Honestly, I think you just started watching basetball. So you want to reduce Melo to a role player within a so called "system" you worship? lol

You're questioning his discipline in the "system" when he only took 11 shots and pretty much overpassed the ball. You were on here no too long ago talking about how Melo needs to pass more and stop shooting so much. Oh man I can't wait to find one of your posts and expose you for a non-basketball understanding complaining fool.

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Yet you want him to "let go of his sweet spots" LOLOLOLOL!!!

GTFOH with that crap. You've been exposed!
After a loss...smh why some overcomplicate things, overanalyze things.

I can be as reactive as any, but the loss to NJ seems relatively simple.

Shump and Chandler are our best defenders; Shump out due to injury, Chandler too many quick fouls. Thats it. A team shoots 50% from three and your best perimeter defender is out, plus you struggle getting new and reinserted players acclimated... duh.

First game with Melo back, BD in, and the second for JR Smith. If we played our newer-more-experienced-with-each-other lineup we would have probably looked better and maybe won. But we had to take a (necessary) step back to incorporate some upgrades.

Melo is NOT Walker, he's better. JR is NOT Fields, he's better but obviously has yet to log significant minutes within this system. Lin is relatively new to them (although they have played together before); how Lin connects with Chandler and STAT is new to them, even I can see they need time. Speaking of...

It seems like either we are in roster flux, an injury, a lock-out, etc... but there is always something preventing us from completely gelling and being at 100%.


-everyone knows the system and is comfortable with their roles
-everyone knows what to expect from their teammates
-the rotation is set 1-15
-the contingencies and game specific situation plans are understood by everyone
-everyone on the same page, clicking on all cylinders

I'm tired of this but see the potential and must keep my eye on the prize. I just seen it (and have before) with the Giants as well as in the first few minutes of that game. Guy's need practice time especially on defense, and as they get it they improve. Adding new players or returning injured players, while a necessity, actually sets us back.

We can only hope we are clicking on all cylinders come playoff time. That's what we had to hope for with the Giants.

And with all these egos and new ****, Lin could step up his leadership and assertiveness. The opportunity has presented itself IMO.