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    Default Jeremy Lin, Superstar vs Jerome Jordan DNP

    everyone gives props to coach Macaroni for "discovering" Jeremy Lin after sending him to D-League
    (for one game triple-double), and bringing him back to Knicks for beginning of Linsanity.

    then today's NY Times has a piece on Lin playing with Steve Novak, as a sign of things to come.

    what's been overlooked is Jerome Jordan's play with Lin, as well as JJ's going to Serbia and putting up decent numbers, yet he is a DNP with Knicks, or remains garbage time player, so who's to say he's not the next elite player languishing on the Knicks bench? with addition of JR and Baron, there's no room for Jordan, especially with Girafferies getting quality minutes.

    from Erie Bayhawks site:

    PORTLAND, Maine -- The Erie BayHawks (10-12) picked up some firepower on Tuesday with the assignment of Jeremy Lin and Jerome Jordan from the NY Knicks, and they did not disappoint, leading Erie to a 122-113 win over the Maine Red Claws (7-16).
    Lin was the story of the night, picking up a triple-double with 28 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds in his BayHawks debut. Jordan picked up where his fellow Knick left off, with 26 points and 8 rebounds on the night. The pair led seven BayHawks in double figures. >>

    IMHO, Jerome Jordan deserves minutes, yeah, I'll say it, at Girafferies expense.
    I would hate to see this guy let go and have him flourish and realize his potential elsewhere.

    but with most big guys, coach Macaroni and his clown assistants just nod their heads and take credit
    for Linsanity, with no minutes for Jordan on the horizon. IDK.

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    I agree. You need to put him in there. You never know what you have until you USE it.

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    It`s what we would expect from Dumbphoney. He was forced to play Lin after doing everything he could not to play him and now he`s riding Lin until the guy drops so he can try and save his job.

    Jordan, on the other hand, is rotting on the bench. He might not be good enough for us but we will never know unless we get a proper look at him. It`s the same as the Lin situation was before he started to play.

    With Jorts coming back there is no way that Jordan will get any minutes now. But what do you expect form this coach.

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    I agree we should be getting more looks from Jordan but you can't argue with the production Jeffries is giving us on the defensive end.

    Still, i'd like to see exactly what we have in Jordan.

    Seems to me like dejavu, the Jordan edition.

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    Add me to this list. There is no reason for this kid to not get SOME burn...'Asstoni is ridiculous.

    That is a big dude, who at least looks like he puts effort into playing D, in the small sample I've seen. How can it hurt to have another 7'er swattin' flies and pullin' boards out there?
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    Jeffries deserves that playing time. Jordan should be playing some of Amar'e's minutes. I'd be happy with five minutes.

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    I'll return here after were at least 5 games over the .500 mark. Tired of fiddling around trying to insert guys in the lineups wasting time trying to gain chemistry and figure out who fits with who while scrub teams roll over us. I do agree he deserves time, he looked good in some of his garbage mins, but i rather wait until the time is right.

    Dantoni sucks for not developing him earlier, then again when Jorts returns i doubt Jerome's going to see mins anyway. Between dantoni's Man crush for Jeffries and his man crush for Jorts 3 ball, whats the chances he'll develop Jerome. Chandler would probably have to get injured and even then knowing our coach he Still probably wouldn't play him unless it's garbage mins.
    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I really want Melo & JR to get injured and miss 10 or more games

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