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lmao no you cant be that dumb but for you to think that Melo shouldn't play his game within the system, LIKE D'ANTONI TOLD HIM TO, then thats just dumb
he needs to augment his game to fit the system. it is dumb to think melo can stand there pounding the rock trying to set up his man while our offense, one that is predicated on ball movement n quick decision making, stagnates n our other players are taken out of there rhythm within it. this is what you n team marshmelo is advocating n tht is just dumb. he needs to play within the flow of our offense. he doesnt have to do too much. he will get open looks, mismatches, chances to finish in transition. he just nds to make the right decisions n be efficient n he'll still easily average around 20. if he did this he could shoot a higher fg percentage n have more energy for the defensive end. n our offense would click w him as opposed to wht we've seen w us looking more in sync offensively w out him.