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Our offense is predicated on movement and creating mismatches with early transitions before the defense can settle. It works well at times, but we suffer big time when teams slow down the ball. Pick and rolls work well, but the guys away from the play need to learn how to move as well. Lot of our players still look a bit lost, but we're getting there.

Melo should not be ISO unless its against a mismatch. He needs to post up vs. mismatches a lot more like how Lebon bon has learned to. Guy is unstoppable in the post without a double team and Melo is a good enough to find someone open or score. Some off ball screens positioning Melo in the post would work wonders.

Last thing any of us want is Melo dribbling out the clock past the three point line. Almost wish they would Josh Smith him and forbid him from taking threes for a few games just to see what happens.

Melo driving to the hoop without a double team is a given.
Melo holding onto the ball while team watches is not good.
JLin as proper PG finding Melo and other Knicks in mismatches is best.

as mentioned, we're only 2 games into LinMelo, this will develop organically.
with Melo NOT point forward, there should be less stagnation, more screens, less double teams, more open men.

this is a gameplan for success.