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    Originally Posted by Crazy⑧s
    Periods are frightening things.
    Fair enough if Linsanity gets benefits for the biggest sports story of the year. All done on his own accord as a result of hard work. He thanks god for it, which seems pointless, but whatever gets him motivated makes my day better as a result! Praise Jesus!

    If that was directed at me, then understand that I just hate when WE as fans, hate on a sports figure because he makes more money then we do.

    He does something we can not do! If the NBA was made up of every one of us on this forum games would be 45-41 after 48 minutes of play. Half of us would die on the court. We would never see highlights.

    They get paid and well for entertaining us. Live with it or don't watch. Every game you watch, pay to see live or jersey you buy you line his pockets and the billionaire owners.

    Lin is scraping the bottom of the NBA payroll barrel right now.
    If he wants to trademark his Linsanity then let him. Do yuo not want another NY player with star power?

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    MSG, the Knicks and the NBA are already making millions off of Lin. If anything he is being criminally under-compensated right now. I think he's making a smart move to ensure that he gets his fair slice of the pie. Whether you're GOAT or just a scrub, if people are profiting off of your name then you'd be crazy not to demand your due.

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