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    Chandler...and most improved ...Jeffries

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    Originally Posted by PaPZ187
    Thats true, cant argue facts.

    However, does Lin do that WITHOUT TC holding down the 5 the way he has? We obviously will never know for sure, but I dont see Lin doing much better with the team Chandler was playing with (minus Chandler and adding Lin ofcourse).

    Point is, that winning streak didnt happen (and IMO wouldnt of happened) with just Lin, or just Chandler......we needed both to accomplish that. Since Chandler has been playing all season and with how much he has improved our D and how consistent he is night in and night out, he edges out Lin for team MVP so far.
    And most of those games were without Amar'e and Melo, so that shows Chandler's importance even more I think.

    I would like to see Jeffries and Chandler start again. Sadly I see that causing drama with Amar'e so it won't be done.

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    has to be Lin .... simply put he has made everyone better .....guys remember our ball movement before Lin ??? Novack great 3 point shooter but its our ball movement and Lin getting into the paint thats getting him those open looks...... tyson chandler great defensive presence without a doubt but we were still 7 gm below 500 with him ....what Lin has done is make us one of the top teams in the east ...... forget about the heat gm there beating up everyone ..... look at the eastern conference....i believe the heat, bulls and maybe just maybe the 6ers could give us real problems come playoff time.... everyone else i think we could take.....i`m sure none of us (i didnt) were thinking that 2 weeks ago .....J Lin first half MVP with out doubt

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