Remember Chris Duhon's great run with The Knicks when he first arrived?

Remember Raymond Felton's run that nealy landed him on the All Star team

Now remember how each of them crashed, the reason that they both were playing way too much! Felton who had a backup in DJ Augustine played about 10 minutes more per game and Duhon who was a 3rd string PG for Chicago saw his minutes spike up by 16

Now due to superior talent and less of a shock with the minute increase Felton lasted longer playing at a high level, yet, in the weeks leading up to him being traded he was a noticebly different player!

Now consider that Jeremy Lin's numbers increased even more than that of Duhon and it becomes apparent that there is concern for Lin's increased minutes

So BD regaining form makes him very very important to us! We need Lin to be at around 30 minutes at this point so BD has to give us a solid 18 minutes

once BD gets back to form 18 minutes from him can produce 8 and 5 with 2 rebs, which would be huge!!!