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If there were ever a ride we've been on as Knick fans, this year's has been one of highs and lows incomparable. The first half of the tumult, disappointment and the amazing emergence of Jeremy Lin is over. Now, as this shortened season closes in on completion in less than 2 months, it's time our beloved Knicks stare success or failure in the face and charge toward it; bettering themselves as a team, playing as one, or ultimately falling apart as a unit and, inevitably, as individuals.

Revitalized by a commitment to defense, Lin, Fields' return to form, the return of Davis to the line up and JR Smith's under the radar acquisition, it's high time this mob of marauders get nasty.

Battles Yet Faced

We do not want to go against 1st, 2nd or 3rd seed in the opening semis. Though I think we can take Orlando, I just don't see them being upset in the first for the second consecutive year.

I believe that in the remaining 32 games, the Knicks will have to have a record nigh on or in excess of 20-12.

Our Collective Thought

How will Jeremy Lin fair now that Linsanity regresses?

ESPN analyze Lin's game scientifically

There are some lofty comparisons to the league's best per category.

Stephen Anus Smith's Mouth

But Stephen A. Smith also said the conference-leading Heat "exposed" Lin during his 1-for-11, eight-turnover performance on Thursday night.

Carmelo Anthony disagreed.

"'Exposed' is too strong a word," Anthony told Smith on ESPN's "First Take." "I think people overanalyze the situation. He's only been two weeks into this situation. It happened overnight. He was thrown into the fire in the Boston game [on Feb. 3] and then it took off from there.

"He's gonna be all right."

Before Thursday night's loss, the Knicks were 8-2 in games Lin started.

"People fail to realize it's only 10 games for him," Anthony said earlier in the interview. "Everybody thinks he's been here multiple years and has been in situations like this. This was a test for him."

Smith explained his point in two "SportsCenter" interviews: "He's definitely a good player. He definitely belongs in this league. He definitely appears to be the point guard of the future for the New York Knicks. But there's a difference between being a starter and a star, and there's a difference between a star and a superstar."

Crazys Knick On UAV

Earl Smith the 3rd

Our stars will be under the microscope constantly as the Knicks look to further their seeding in the East. JR Smith will be an integral factor in achieving the best position possible, as he leads our second unit along with Davis, Novak and Jefferies. A highly talented, athletic phenomenon, Smith's output is paramount.


Landry's Resurgence

He's been in the cross hairs of scrutiny since being swept by Boston last season. His start to this season was awry, but since he's accommodated Lin on his sofa, Fields game has boomed like cold sores.

He's quicker, more aggressive, finishing strong - as evidenced here:

and has found a role as a facilitator on the P&R.

Silencing his detractors and critics, Fields has shown that he can be an integral part of the Knicks line-up, whether to be starting or as a member of our second unit. poster in the spotlight

Clyde & The Pearl

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The Starting


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The Savaliers have been on the good end of some impressive upsets this season, and first your phenom, Kyrie Irving, has been the hero throughout all of their 4th quarter winning endeavors.

An excellent penetrating guard, Irving, as have so many others this season, will potentially do very well against our sporadic back-court defense.

Key to Victory.

● The Cavs often are out rebounded by their opposition. Offensive boards and inflated possessions should be what the team requires to win the game.

● A lot of Cavs players block shots and contest shots. If we can get their depleted front-court in foul trouble early, look for the Knicks to out run the Cavs early.

A splash of light humor to get us under way

And, of course, some bumness.