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gawd, how i missed the Loco Ochos GT's. one of the best ever... props!

first off, the Red Fang song and video are incredible, i think i have a fave new band!
rocking and funny, my type of band!

secondly, that hottie has the nicest bunnies ever! i think i love her! i need more pics of her, preferably nude and nasty...

thirdly, time to get back to basics and clobber the Cavs. how is it the Knicks have returned to losing form now that STAT and MELO are back in the fold? these superduperstars need to get it TOGETHER, right now. how is it superstardom coach Macaroni starts losing games when better players are introduced into the mix? i guess the season has started over AGAIN with the introduction of new players into the lin-up. LIN, Baron Von, Junior.

Well, we have a new season, the 2nd season after the all-star break, let's see if Antoni can make it happen. Can the Knicks stop the impressive Kyrie Irvington? who the hell do the Cavs have? double team the rook and let's go to town on these Clevelanders! come on Knicks! Let's go!
Red Fang = stoner wonderfulnessness.

If we give up this win my good man, I'll be frothing with rabid anger. The Cavs smell, but we're the kind of team that gets upset easily and often.

Our lineup should have us in the top 3 EC teams, but our mega stars have been so inconsistent it's unbelievable. Lame. Tough schedule, too.

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Is Jorts making his return vs the Cavs? and whats the latest on Shump
Not sure yet. Love me a bit of Jorts defense and rebounding. Shump should probably be back, IMO. It's a concern that such a young player has such a questionable resistance to injuries, niggling or otherwise.

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I'd like to talk second half strategy.

We must:
-incorporate our entire team

-establish an identity where we either a) predicate the offense around Melo, which will take D'Antoni to be less stubborn, adapt, and redesign

b) maintain a semblance of the same offense after incorporating Melo, which may take D'Antoni to bring STAT off the bench with the 2nd team, start Jeffries instead, and run the P&R primarily through Tyson
Melo has to be a focal with STAT as his triple threat pass option. Worst use/non-usage of a 2 man game in the league this year.

The system works, but it's under adjusted.