the forum is back! a funny thing happened on my way to the forum...
we got hacked! hip hip hur-rady!

i'm psyched to see Knicks at full-strength, i've been jonesing thru entire all-star weekend,
waiting a full week for some O&B, man! 1 game a week will not do it, we need a win!

Antony Parker's back, Shumpert needs to put the perimeter dee on "stun".
Varejao is out, other than Antwat Jamison, the Cavs got nothin on the boards,
time for STAT to flex his new muscles and the Giraffe to crane his neck, get some
'bounds and do some serious flopping. he's great at it! he's the flopster!
flop flop flop, they call him the flopper! Girafferies!!

seriously tho. Cunning Lingus. time to come alive...