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    Default May have to redo prediction

    Originally Posted by miked1958

    By the way. With all the teams playing crazy schedules due to lockout. How come the Knicks get all the days off between Allstar break. Then don't play on Tuesday night. Play Cavs on Wed. Then don't play again till Sunday?
    Counting Allstar break that is only one game in over a week and a half. Enoughr time to practice together but also enough time to build up some major rust
    18-13 may have been a bit to optimistic. I thought all the guys in this thread that were predicting 24 wins and up were crazy, which is why I went a bit more conservative. We always let very Bad teams own us...

    Anyway in light of being 1-5 after Allstar Break, and with 5 losses in a row I think we need to rethink out Postallstar record. Might be more like 12-19 or something like that

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    By the way... Coincidence that we stunk and were 8 or so games under .500 prior to Melo injury and preLin. The. With just Lin win like 10-13. Now with Melo back we are back to losing almost every game. Hmmmm

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    With the rest of the schedule of the remaining, I just my optimism didn't jinx us.

    Portland game was probably game of the year, BUT its just one game...lets see if we can get back to backs vs. Indy.

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