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    Originally Posted by skisloper
    Does anyone think the Knicks are actively trying to trade Amare ?
    If it was up to some users we would already have traded everyone except of Chandler.

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    I dont know if its just me but Baron Davis looks like hes more in rhythm then Atari...and Davis is a few years older. Amare went 6 months without basketball, Baron went 9

    Looks like the Stat defenders (They show more defense on here then Stat does on the court) are gonna have to come up with some more bullsh*t excuses. Keep defending your hero, this chump is done. His brains shot

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    So much excuses for STAT in here. He's the one who kept pushing back his mini training camp. He's the one who elected to work on his own in FL once the lockout was lifted.

    It's been nearly 3 months into the season and he's played in over 30 games. How much time do you really need? Just because you don't play for 6 months doesn't mean you forget how to play the game. Doesn't affect rebounding and defense either. What the extreme STAT supporters are forgetting to mention is his effort period. I don't care if he doesn't score 20 pts BUT I do care if he's only getting 5 rbs and not contesting every shot. He looks lost out there and that has nothing to do with not playing basketball during the off-season.

    IF his jumpshot is too strong right now then adjust your shot OR here's a bright idea... keep your ass closer to the basket and score in the paint. Players adjust their shot all the time on the FT line.

    There's really no excuse for STAT, the same way there was no excuse for Melo's poor shooting BUT at least Melo is staying aggressive and remains a threat on offense. I just don't like Amare's body language. He's damn near invisible at times.
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