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How is it sarcastic? Novak has been absolute money.

A better question is who would be better for this team. Ray Allen runs around and nails shoots quickly, but I've seen him go cold in games, don't know about this season. Novak seems to be the second best shooter in the league when he gets a shot off (Dirk is the best, and Nash doesn't take a lot of shots so it's hard to judge him).
Id say Novak has easily surpassed Ray Allen. Rays having a good season, ill give him that. But hes a choke artist in the playoffs. Back in 08, he had a horrible playoff series against the Cavs where he got outplayed by Wally Szcerbiak. In 2010, he couldnt hit a shot in game 7 of the Finals. Celtics Lost.

Novak is way more clutch and he has more swag. His defense has improved, his all around game continues to improve. We're talking about a guy here who would start for most teams, its not like Stat is any better of a rebounder then Novak. I dont see why he cant start at PF for us