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    Originally Posted by Dzwonsson
    Novak surpassing Allen, Shump being Wade 2.0, Lintendo being more useful point guard than Rondo... who's next? Carmelo playing better defense than LeBron? Amare being a better Love? Chandler surpassing Howard? Calm down folks.


    These guys are playing great, but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. We have a great team. Let's just focus on developing chemistry and playing well going into the playoffs.

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    Originally Posted by CoolRunnings
    I don't know if this a sarcastic thread. But the idea that novak has surpassed Allen is nuts. I love Novak but he's nothing more than a spot up shooter. Jesus Shuttlesworth still got some game in those legs. Still running around, scroring off the dribble, and playing decent D. Ray is shooting almost 49% from 3 and 48% from the field.
    Novak's percentage after the all star game is 48.3% (from 3). I thought that was league high.

    His defense is rather weak though, if that's what you were talking about.

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    Novak is the best 3pt shooter and perhaps shooter in the NBA right now.

    Also his Discount double check is amazing. Is he better then current ray ray? nah, not as a basketball player. but as a shooter and entertainer, yes.

    I was encouraged when he did a pump fake in the 4th, dribbled two feet to the left and drained the shot. That's the kind of basketball move you want to be able to rely on as a long range bomber, so props to that, but he isn't going to "create" his open shot like ray ray or melo can and therefore isn't the same threat on the court. still if you team can get you an open look, i'd rather have novak then ray taking it.

    At this point, on the Knicks, for the money they make, Novak gets the nod.

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