I will be on a flight from San Juan to Miami during the game, so I will know once I land if the Knicks will get revenge on these azzholez. But im on my way to see Tyson get his ring at Dallas on Tuesday at American Airlines Center, so that compensates.

There is no team I despise more right now than KG, Pierce and these suckaz from Beantown. No less than a 20point beatdown will satisfy my hunger. I want to see them humiliated on their home floor, humbled to the point where they admit that the Knicks will be the one team no one wants to face in the playoffs. And I agree with those that say that Dantoni will pair up Davis and Lin if the Cs start doubling Lin at halfcourt.

Its the start of a tough week for the Bockers and Im looking foreard to see them grow on the road against the likes of the Mavs and Spurs. Mst get a jumpstart and take over the 7th spot with a massacre... 110 - 89 would be righteous