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    Default Knicks @ Dallas: Tuesday, March 6th, 8:30pm

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    The Amazing Momentum Swing In Our Previous Encounter With Dallas.

    ◆Know Your Enemy◆

    The Latest, Greatest Edition To Linsanity

    Leader Of Men

    The Knicks came out flat against the Cavs. They allowed Cleveland to knock down 53 percent of its shots in the first half, including six of 11 3-pointers. New York was down by as many as 17 in the first half. And Tyson Chandler wasn't happy about it. He had a message for the rest of the Knicks at halftime.

    "I just let my teammates know that if we really want to be true contenders, on nights like this we've got to show it. Nothing's going to come easy," said Chandler, who won a title with the Mavs last season.

    The Knicks responded, rebounding to win by 17 and climb back to .500.

    After the game, Mike D'Antoni was effusive in his praise of Chandler, calling him "an All-Star on and off the court."

    He also appreciated the half-time speech.

    "He's a champion and he's won a ring and that's how you do it," he said. "He's shown the way."

    Chandler finished with 13 points and 15 rebounds.

    Crazys Knick On UAV

    Carmelo Anthony

    Move without the ball, keep your head in the game, defend, take a charge________prove that you're worth $20M, take the Knicks where they need to be, or suffer being called an overrated loser. There's even a Facebook page declaring that you suck and are not worth your salary!

    Got Milk?

    "We had a meeting today before practice with a doctor who talked about ways to help you sleep at night," Novak said. "It's like the energy, when we leave, it's like midnight, and you go home and we can't sleep. It's from the fans and the adrenaline. We're having trouble sleeping."

    The Knicks' relaxation therapist, apparently, is relying on since-dismissed sleep-inducing options that even your parents have long since abandoned. According to team sharpshooter Steve Novak, who discussed as much on WFAN on Thursday, the players were advised to drink warm milk after a game to help them worm into a state of Rapid Eye Movement, an option that has been proven time and time again (whether you're a high schooler worried about the next day's test, Don Draper on Mad Men, or a 6-10 forward coming down from the high of nailing a bunch of threes on national TV) to not work. poster in the spotlight


    He changes his sig like a whore changes underwear. A fine addition to the site and all around smut peddler............Almost_famous718!

    Originally Posted by Almost_famous718
    better than watching stat chuck up bricks & slap his fist when he doesn't get a call he wants.

    Thou Shalt Chilleth!

    Tyson Chandler has a habit of barking at refs and wrassling with his opponents, which has resulted in nine technical fouls in 36 games this season. In this lockout season, your thirteenth technical foul (and every two technical fouls thereafter) earns you a one-game suspension. Simply put: Tyson is well on pace to get suspended this year.

    Key to Victory.

    ● The Mavs are incredibly methodical. Outside of a Nowitzki ISO, the Mavericks, as champions, know what to run when to run it. This cognitive approach has them out-assisting their opponents all this year and last. Something the Knicks should be doing, as I've whinged and whined about since last season's opener.

    ● Basically, as we saw in our last encounter, we did an excellent job of holding the Mavs to one shot. "Defense won us the day" was the be all and end all of that impressive win.

    The Starting


    Can use extra sensory perception to make gay men climax.


    He once threw a fridge at an endangered species! COOL!

    Laundry Folds

    Humps so hard he has been the source of many faj fires.

    Cunning Lingus

    It's not nice to make Asian jokes.

    The Man Handler

    Don't be naughty, Tyson!

    Nipples! Boobies would be pointless without them. FACT!


    **** it, that'll do.

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