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exactly, he can learn from the bench watching what Baron does, you really think Lin is more experienced than Baron? yes he's way more explosive and quicker but, But Baron is a vet and has been running the point for many years and is one of the best in P&R situations. Baron also plays better defense, im not a coach or anything but its a move i wouldn't mind making, Baron looks to pass more than Lin & knows when to attack and when to pass, Baron looks to get our primary scorers involved, Lin looks to get fields, Novak, Chandler involved more than our primary scorers this is not going to cut it come playoff time.

Chill out on Lin.....u dont see any of the Knicks defenders being screen or
picked off a Knicks player why?
All of the Mavs players are screening Lin off of Kidd....Dirk has been shooting jumpers over all our guards.
How come the Mavs have team plays, and we dont? we do have a wide open offense to make ISO plays or 3 ball shots