Melo was garbage tonight.

When our leading scorer is Goof Troop, you know we're going to lose. What happened to driving to the basket? We are a solely jump shooting team now who's starters suck at defense. Why do you think we always go on a 15-0 run when the starters go out? The answer is because our bench plays defense. I saw NO effort on D from Stat or Melo and it's making me sick.

Is it bad that I was hoping Amare would blow a knee so we don't have to have him in the game anymore? He's such a defensive liability, it makes me sick. And Melo can't even hit a foul shot? What kind of crap is that? This team pisses me off, especially our moronic coach. When is Dolan going to learn that this coach doesn't know how to win ball games or manage a team with superstars. We need a defensive head coach... NOW!