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You're calling people on a Knicks site "stupid" but yet you're a bandwagon Laker fan on a Knicks site stressing yourself out?

Who looks stupid now?

Well to make even worse, how often do you get picked on in BK bandwagoning the Barney Purple and Golden Piss Stain Lakers? We would like to know that.

Its cool to share your thoughts, but not too smart to attack a bunch of people in the forum because they don't co-sign with you.

You seem really tense, I suggest you relax.
The fact is in the past week or so Ive been seeing a lot of stupid members on this site and that comment wasn't directed at you so stop defending other ppl your the one who looks mad.

And I'm a bandwagon Laker fan yet you don't know anything about my Laker fanhood, if I was a bandwagon Laker fan I don't even really like them why would my name be NYCLakerfan and have Kobe as my sig especially after they got swept last year and are having a down year? And two the Knicks are my moms favorite team and my 2nd so Ive always supported them and want them to do well after LA.

I know mad Laker fans in NY anyway, last year when I went to the Garden for the Lakers game like 30% of the place was Lakers fans.