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You seem too defensive. I hope you're not stressing out and getting emotional. Its just a forum...learn how to not give a f*ck, it helps.

Any Laker fan from NYC is fake. Thats coming from a true New Yorker. I am a strong believer in supporting the city's team. Hence when I'm a Knicks Jets and Yankees fan, but I also support the Mets (feel bad for them). Being a Laker fan doesn't make sense unless you're into the bandwagon or you're a Kobe fan or you're from LA.

As for non-US NBA fans, I understand the team close to their hearts are the team they support. But if you're from the USA and you don't rep your city's team; you need to give your d*ck back to God.
I agree there are so many bandwagon fans in NY that it pisses the hell out of me. When I see people with Heat jerseys it makes my blood boil...Orange and Blue for life.

That being said, as a a guy who likes Amar'e a ton (no homo), it sucks for him that his rather amazing game is being overshadowed by the fact taht nobody on the entire team could get anything right today outside of STAT, Jorts, and maybe Shump and Novak (but Shump and Novak gave Dirk 4 easy buckets so that kinda goes against them too).