I'd like to address a couple of issues:

- Amare played great, could make more of an impact defensively, but defense has always been an issue and nobody really believes that will ever change. 55% shooting, 26 points and 7 boards. Probably his best game this season. But it's much too early to say whether he's back.

- Carmelo played garbage, probably a night off. He looked completely lost, sometimes he was invisible and it seemed we play 4 against 5. Hopefully he'll be doing better tonight. 17% shooting is unacceptable. I appreciate his effort at boards though.

- Lin has to understand if his shot isn't falling he has to stop chucking, there is too much of green light policy within this team. Baron wasn't nothing better though.

- JR looked complety out of control (again), dude didn't have any good game since his debut (also against the Mavs).

We're 2-4 since Carmelo's back, I still think it's not up to him, but up to coach, but guy needs to get his game back (together with Amare), we can't rely on Novak's shooting and Lin's comebacks.