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    Default Melo needs the ball more...and iso.

    Am I the only one seeing this? I know he's coming back from injury recently so he's still coming back to form, but I feel the moving the ball should stop to a certain point. I'm tired of Melo holding the ball more than one second and Knicks fans at the Garden groan. It's like they they would rather him score 0 points, yet Lin can drive to the basket wildly for his own shot several times a game. Melo's iso game makes things scary for defenders. When he gets on a streak that opens up things for his teammates. This doesn't mean ball movement has to stop, but unless we're ON, we need to use our elite scorer to create double teams.

    Melo has shown he can score by cutting and all that, but we need a guy to make the other team go "oh ****!", which Melo can do.

    Melo tried to do what the fans have wanted him to do, then tried to do his style previously, let the man find his way into the flow of the team, don't groan at him, it might be getting into his head. He cares. He needs to go into Kobe mode and not give a f***. We're likely gonna need Melo scoring in bunches, iso or not.
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