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    Originally Posted by CoolRunnings
    Not agreeing with anyone here but have you ever seen Phil yell at Kobe or Jordan. Thibs critcize rose, or Brooks go after Durant. Mike Brown or Spolstra never seem to have anythinng to say to Wade or Lebron.

    I read a story one year that Mo Williams go pissed off during a video session when Mike Brown yelled at Dolente West for his lack of D and let Lebron slide.

    The fact is the best superstars are the hardest workers. Although I don't coach professionally I volunteer with a youth group but this holds true at any age, if your hardest worker is your best player than the team works just as hard.

    I can almost guareentee that Stat and Melo are not the hardest workers on the team.
    I was about to say that, all the other guy you mentioned, worked their butts off, on both ends of the court.How many times have we seen STAT, just stand there, and let his many blow pass him, or not box out and his man gets the offensive board, with no repercussions.Same goes for melo.I don't think he should, ye'll at anyone, but i don't think he's showing them tape of what their doing wrong, because they keep doing it.

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    Default You coach build that inside the huddle

    It start with bench guys when they take wild shot n don't box out..or throw BAD pass..instead of getting bad tech's on silly plays...If your coach doesn't act tough then you team will play soft..

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