Did I say something unpopular again? I'm sorry to disrupt the flow of your day and make you shrug your head in dissappointment. Let me explain. Amare's days as a super-freak dunking on two people off two legs without a running start are over, but Amare isn't a dud. He needs to take 12 to 15 shots a game. His J will start falling on a regular basis and he will spread the court for Melo and Lin. He isn't going to give you ANYTHING on defense. At least Melo isn't a complete liability of defense. Actually, I'd argue that he is above average on D. But, I digress . . . this is about Amare - dude has some game left. He can average 17 and 7 the rest of the season (not including the other games played). I actually have no idea what his season stats are, and I'm not going to look it up. This isn't a statistical analysis. I'll leave it to the true duds (Hollinger) and his flawed model (his bullsh1t PER).

To be fair, I know I don't watch the Knicks like most of ya, but I do think that Amare can still finish around the rim in many situations. One doesn't have to be a physical freak to finish around the rim on occasion. Just need to be smart!!! He needs to learn how to adjust his game to add longevity (and his productive years) to his career. And most importantly, you don't think a 38" standing vertical to get your shot off. At 6'11, you just need some space and a bunch of confidence. Amare has the ability to knock down shots. It's not like that part of his game will never come back. I think he'll have to be more of a jump shooting PF like a Bosh. He has guys that will attract the defense. I'd like to see more pick and pop with Amare.