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Once we FIRE Dantoni.....we will have a winning postseason roster from the leadership of Tyson/Stat/Melo.....
the talent level we have on this Knicks roster will be outstanding once we have a halfcourt system with design plays for several players to score,
and a help-defensive system where we dont have Pierce & Dirk shooting over our smaller players, or Stat defending Parker on the peremeter. We need a coach that knows what tandem or trio of players play best together on offense or defense.

In the Knicks last 3 games we watch coach Doc Rivers system, coach Rick Carlisle system, and the NBA best unified offense/defense system from Spurs strategic coach Pop......when u compare these 3 coaches to the 4-seasons of Dantoni's no-defense system and 3-ball offense system its like High School to NBA.