And I thought it was bad on RealGM lol..

Listen guys the reason why Melo is having such a bad game & has had bad games is because of 1. he's still playing through injuries, 2. the coach does NOT utilize him correctly, 3. the coach keeps him on the bench for lengthy periods of times.

You can't expect a player who is a 25-30 ppg scorer to just make magic everytime he gets the ball even when at times it looks like he's being frozen out on possessions. When your main PG is giving the ball more to Landry Fields & Chandler when you have an elite scorer waiting to do something you have a problem. I've said it before & I'll say it again you either trade Melo or you get rid of the coach. Melo & Amar'e both can't work in this system because their skillsets fused with the coaching style/new system does not mesh well together.

Whether any of you want to disregard this & say nahh Melo just sucks, it's up to you. But I'm telling you in this system where no plays are called, where Pringles doesn't know how to use Melo, the PG is still fairly new & has built a great chemistry with Chandler & Fields you're asking for trouble with your star player.