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Never seen a so called star player make so many excuses or have fans make so many excuses for him.

Either you play good or you don't.

I don't here Kobe bitching about playing with a broken finger, nose or sore knees. Don't remember Bernard King bitching when he single hand took out the Pistons with 2 dislocated thumbs.

Fact is -- Melo is acting like a puta and playing like a stiff. He only had like 4 good games this season

He is shooting is poor, Brandon Jennings like -besides his shooting...Melo is a good offensive rebounder and makes solid assist...Melo can play like a 25 ppg 8 reb 5 assist type player... effect the game like a god.

His latest excuse is that he's having trouble adjusting to waiting off the ball but he fails to admit is that when he was controlling the ball we sucked and his stats were still dreadful.

Melo GROW UP or go find another city to play for....you Puerto Rican traitor!
How do you explain Felton's subpar play in POR?
How do you explain Turkoglu's performance when he was in TOR?
How do explain Brands performance in PHI from LAC?

All these guys went to a different system and never looked comfortable. I respect you as a poster but sometimes you like to act all dumb like you don't understand something just to further your point. That "either you play good or you don't" comment is so weak. Act like you have some basketball sense man.