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Great argument, pat yourself on the back there.

Why do you get mad if I'm not sucking Melo? Atleast be real and say you're just being a groupie if you have nothing insightful to add.

If you mancrush Melo, admit it. If not, shut the f*ck up. Don't get a fit if I won't agree with your sillyness.

Glen Robinson and Carmelo have indentical stats, style of play, similar in size and athleticism.

Do your research.
Your so insightful proving people wrong with your facts on an online message board where this obviously indicates what happens in our lives.

I do apologize I've wasted my life praying and worshiping god when truly you are the real prophet.

I beg of your online forgiveness for I will not be able to sleep tonight and enjoy the rest of my life without it.