This is like comparing Brandon Jennings to Rondo

Or Jamal Crawford to Sprewell

Or Curry to Shaq

Sure they play the same postion and statisitically they are similar (Melo's career numbers are better though) and athletically they are similar (although Melo is more athletic)

Melo is more vesitile in being able to play both SF and PF, Glen Robinson would go no where near the block, he and Vin Baker made up the softest frontcourt in league history (Chris Weber actually said as much!!!).

Glen Robinson was a secondary player like Jamison, John Salmons or Rip Hamilton....Melo is a bonafied game changer

Glen Robinson got asked not to go to the Olympics after being selected when we coasted to gold medals with every group we through out there, Melo was one of the most valuable players on the 2008 team

The most accurate comparison to Melo is Bernard King!

Al Harrington is a player who you could compare Glen Robinson to!!!