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I've got to go for the simpler interpretation. 45.6% of Anthony's attempts throughout his career end up in the basket. That's near enough one in every two. He's a weapon that, if used correctly, will inflict serious damage on any opposition. Going as far as the conferecne finals - particularly in the Western conference- is no easy task. This man has the potential to carry a team to glory, and to destroy that same team's offensive flow when he's not performing (we've seen too much of that this season). I have recently been disgusted at the ISO orientated offence that has been implemented over the past 5 or so games. It's not pretty particularly when one considers the depth this team has. Since Lin and Stoudamire's injuries, Woodson has made Anthony the centrepoint of our offence by a mile. It's not pretty, but Anthony has thrived under it. We've played and beat some pretty impressive teams. A returning Lin and Stoudamire can only make this team more dangerous (though I insist that it will take time to find the right formula and develop chemistry).

As for the amount of blocks Anthony concedes; Compared to Durant and Bryant, he drives on defenders far more. Consider Durant and (nowadays) Kobe's shot selection. It's predominantly mid-range and further. That's not going to get you blocked as much as driving to the basket will. Furthermore, Anthony's defence has (in my opinion) been superior to Bryant and Durant's, which basically means he will be more fatigued when attacking the basket. He's got those lapses, but overall I've been incredibly happy with his recent overall performances.
Thank you, that's why i called those stats stupid, the guy stays attacking the hoop, and he's not a leaper, but dude(metro) didn't want to hear it, so i guess i have "limited knowledge", SMH.I guess people can watch the same game, and see completely different things.